2 - 5 Nov. 2023


MAY 2023

Meet the Polisher... Marie Chabrol

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    Observe the meticulous craftsmanship of Marie Chabrol, a former jewellery polisher who combined precision and skill.

    This video offers a glimpse into the world of jewellery polishing, revealing the expertise and patience that goes into perfecting each piece.

    From inspection to finishing, the process is a labor of love that transforms rough surfaces into radiant masterpieces.

Meet the Lapidarists... Justin K. Prim & Victoria Raynaud 

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    Through patient and precise craftsmanship, Justin K.Prim and Victoria Raynaud unveil the hidden beauty concealed within each stone.

    With careful strokes of the grinding wheel and delicate cuts, they reveal the intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and stunning translucency that lie within.

    This video reveals the lapidarist's mastery over their tools and their ability to breathe life into stones.

Meet the Chain-maker... Laurent Jolliet

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    Meet Laurent Jolliet, Switzerland's last chain-maker, an artisan who safeguards a centuries-old craft on the brink of disappearance.

    This captivating glimpse into the world of the chain-maker shows the remarkable transformation that occurs as raw materials are skillfully forged into chains, a testament to the beauty that can emerge from the hands of a true artisan.

    “Find joy in creating something by hand!”

Meet the Pearl Threader... Sabine Gyger 

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    Discover the intricate artistry of pearl peeling and immerse yourself in the delicate beauty of Sabine Gyger’s craftsmanship.

    The meticulous process of pearl peeling is a delicate dance between skill and patience, transforming raw pearls into lustrous gems.

    With each stroke of the peeler’s tool, the hidden beauty within is revealed, born of care and precision.

Meet the Florentine Mosaic Artist... Mauro Tacconi

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    Discover the art of Florentine Mosaics, an art born in Florence, Italy, and immerse yourself in the captivating process and intricate skills of a true maestro: Mauro Tacconi.

    In this video, explore the variety of colours and patterns of stones that blend harmoniously to create masterpieces.

    Prepare to be transported to a realm where ancient techniques meet contemporary creativity, where past and present intertwine in a symphony of beauty, infused with the rich heritage of Mauro Tacconi.

Meet the Pearl Peeler... Sabine Gyger 

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    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ‘La Villa des Arts Perdus’, where a symphony of creativity unfolds. A series of captivating video unveils the extraordinary artistry of diverse artisan jewelers, each weaving their unique stories into stunning jewels.

    The aim of the Villa was to put the spotlight on craftsmen and jewellery know-how. Craftsmen are the heart of jewellery. Thanks to their expertise and precise techniques, artisan jewellers possess unrivalled know-how that transforms precious materials into stunning wearable works of art.

    We were honoured to welcome several artisans, who showed us their profession and the art of working with their hands.

    For the first video, come and meet Sabine Gyger, bead threader, and let yourself be carried away by her passion.

Exhibition 'Automatons & Music'

  • Description

    Exposition réalisée par le Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Genève x GemGenève mai 2023.

    Cette exposition collective illustre la volonté des organisateurs de mettre en valeur la richesse du patrimoine de la bijouterie et des métiers d'art qui y sont liés.

    Ces créations exquises sont des merveilles mécaniques qui prennent vie, captivant les spectateurs par leurs mouvements complexes et leurs performances envoûtantes. Ces pièces uniques sont dotées de mécanismes musicaux complexes qui accompagnent leur action cinétique d'une musique enchanteresse. Les artisans intègrent habilement ces délicieuses boîtes à musique, capables de jouer une ou plusieurs mélodies, dans les élégantes bases des horloges.

    Dans cette vidéo captivante, entrez dans le monde des automates et laissez-vous transporter par leurs mélodies enchanteresses tout au long de l'expérience.

NOV 2022

Exhibition - Micromosaics through the ages 

  • Description

    Exhibition 'Micromosaics through the ages' organised for the November 2022 edition of GemGenève and directed by Gislain Aucremanne.

Exhibition - Fabulous Carl Fabergé by la Fondation Igor Carl Fabergé 

  • Description

    Exhibition curated by Michel Kamidian, Bernard Ivaldi and Alexandra Blin Kourbatoff in partnership with GemGenève for the November 2022 edition.