Les enjeux du métier de designer en joaillerie : comment préparer son parcours, l’évolution de l’industrie, les demandes du marché

L’univers de la joaillerie est en plein développement et les grandes Maisons ainsi que les marques bijoux et accessoires sont à la recherche de talents créatifs pour développer leurs projets de collection, autant accessibles qu’avant-garde. Comment donc se confronter avec ce scénario, préparer son portfolio, bâtir sa propre image de créateur-créatrice pour répondre aux demandes …

The Evolution of Jewellery

Katerina Perez will converse with Donatella Zappieri about the evolution of jewellery in terms of communication, design, sales and marketing within the last 10 years. We will also dwell on what the future of jewellery looks like.

What Makes Exceptional Design?

What Makes Exceptional Design, panel discussion moderated by Katerina Perez (influencer), with David Roux-Fouillet (Head of the Department of Product Design, Jewellery and Accessories, HEAD Geneva), Olivier Bachet (expert) and Vivienne Becker (jewellery historian, author).


During this panel discussion, 5 jewellery experts come together to explore the emotional connection we have to jewellery and its effect on people. Speakers will unpack why we are so drawn to jewellery, and how it is cherished by societies across the globe throughout the centuries – even through the toughest times! If you are …

Importance of Creativity in Art, Jewellery Design and Brand Communications

Creativity helps us see things differently, develop a unique sense of style and stand apart from the competition. This distinctive viewpoint can often be seen in jewellery design, photography, and the way brands communicate their USP. In this talk moderated by jewellery expert and brand consultant, Katerina Perez, you will learn how to apply creativity …