The art and science of gemstone cutting

The mysterious allure of coloured stones can’t be fully explained in words. The glimmer of an emerald, the fire inside a ruby, the aquatic depth of a blue sapphire. Ancient scriptures inform us of the elite position archaic communities afforded gem cutters, because they were the keepers of a mineral secrets.

The magicians who could extract the latent power inside a rock, transforming it into a functional or medicinal tool or a jewel worthy of the gods.

Join eminent journalist, storyteller, and writer, Richa Goyal Sikri as she unpacks the art and science behind gem cutting and polishing with coloured stone specialists, award-winning gem cutters, and senior industry stakeholders.


  • Richa Goyal Sikri (Journalist, Storyteller, Author and Gemmologist)


  • François Garaude (Founder of Garaude, a French company with gem cutting and polishing operations in Bangkok)
  • David Nassi (President of 100% Natural Ltd., 3rd generation gem merchant, Lapidary Artist)
  • Rocco Gay (Gemmologist, CEO of Petramundi S.r.l., Italy Ambassador for ICA)
  • Dharmendra Tank (6th generation partner, Tank Fine Gems)