Pearls of Truth: A conversation about pearl history, meaning and testing since antiquity

Violaine Bigot, Laurent Cartier and Kathia Pinckernelle

This conversation will delve into the rich history of pearls, tracing their allure and significance back to antiquity. From ancient civilizations to modern-day luxury, this discussion will unveil the timeless fascination with pearls and the enduring appeal to imitate and cultivate them.

Discover how pearls have been treasured by cultures across the globe for their symbolism, beauty, and rarity, and how they have graced the necks of royalty, symbolizing power, purity, and prestige. Through an engaging dialogue, this conversation will also provide insights into the techniques and methods used throughout history to test and authenticate these exquisite treasures, shedding light on the art and science of pearl identification.

Whether you’re a gem enthusiast, a history buff, or simply curious about the mystique of pearls, this roundtable will offer a captivating journey through time, unveiling the hidden secrets behind these lustrous gems, and the quest to imitate them over time.

Dive into the world of pearls pearls with this thought-provoking dialogue, and gain a deeper appreciation for the allure and mystery of these natural treasures that have enchanted generations of people worldwide.