Pearls: Challenges and New Creative Scenarios

Since ancient times, pearls have been the perfect companion for extraordinary jewellery creations. They have played important roles in the international jewellery universe, with their ups and down.
Today, pearls are back with a new creative flair but at the same time they face important challenges related to their farming and the whole attention to water ecosystem.

The panel discussion will focus on the environmental challenges with an accurate glance to trends in fashion and jewellery and in which way a new creative perpsective can answer to the sustainable constraints.

A conversation with:
Moderated by Donatella Zappieri, Jewelry Business Consultant
Melanie Georgacopoulos, Jewelry Designer
Milena Lazazzera, Journalist and Historian
Laurent Cartier, Head of Special Initiatives at SSEF & Co-Founder Sustainable Pearls