Meet the Marquetry Artist… Rose Saneuil

The art of marquetry, a subtle alliance of wood and creativity, elevates craftsmanship to the status of art. This ancient technique demands millimeter precision in the selection, cutting, and assembly of different wood species. Each piece, chosen with care, merges into an elaborate puzzle, creating visually stunning patterns.

The meticulous assembly reveals the skill of the artisan who blends colors, textures, and grains to give birth to a visually harmonious masterpiece. Beyond aesthetics, marquetry celebrates the very nature of wood, preserving its character while elevating it. Each piece becomes an ode to human creativity and the timeless beauty of the raw material. Contemplating a marquetry creation is delving into a centuries-old heritage where wood, skillfully and lovingly assembled, transcends its initial essence.

Rose Saneuil teaches us her art and takes us on a journey through the history and techniques of marquetry.