Les Univers de GemGenève #6

In the cosmos of the world jewelry, subjects are as numerous and diverse as the galaxies that gravitate together in the jewellery planetary system that GemGenève has built. GemGenève, which has become a cultural event, offers to theirs exhibitors and visitors a wide range of topics around jewelry and provide their knowledges and current issues.

So I’ve brought them all together in one universe, the 7th season of the jewellery-themed podcast Il était une fois le bijou.

For this show, I invite you to explore a new nebula, the one of antique jewelry, with Elli Abramov Morelle Davidson and Steve Neckman.

They talk about their first purchase, how the antique jewelry market evolves according to the buyer, how they get together to buy a very expensive piece and reveal some of their trade secrets…..