Les Univers de GemGenève #2

‘For this second show, I propose to explore a nebula of what we might call the Lost Arts. In other words, the jeweler’s skills that have disappeared or become rare, but still bear witness to the excellence of a specific skill and teaching.

To explore the ways of lapidary, I invite you to listen to Justin K Prim. He is a gemmologist, travel adventurer and gentleman lapidary and founder of MagusGems, his e-boutique for cut gems and jewelry.

He is also a historian, teacher and author of The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting. 

Justin K Prim explains the lapidary trade and goes back in time to talk about its history, as well as the different tools and techniques used in gem cutting. He also point out the difficulty of finding new apprentices, as gem cutter are often the hidden crafstmen of the jewellery industry.’