Les Grands Entretiens – A Life of Gems and Jewels at Bulgari

During this conversation, we will explore the remarkable career journey of Lucia Silvestri at Bulgari spanning over 40 years.

Beginning as an assistant to Gianni Bulgari, Lucia transitions into stone buying and makes significant contributions to high jewelry design while shadowing Paolo Bulgari, ultimately ascending to the role of creative director of the company.

We will delve into the challenges she has faced from sourcing quality gems at fair prices to balancing creativity with technical expertise, all while navigating the dynamics of being a woman in a predominantly male dominated industry.

Revealing captivating secrets and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, we will gain insight into the intricacies of the jewelry world, showcasing the dedication and passion driving Lucia’s success.


  • Lucia Silvestri (Bulgari’s Jewellery Creative Director)
  • Amanda Triossi (Jewellery Historian, Author)