Diamond, an industrial product like any other?

The diamond comes in different shapes and packaging. Whether we’re talking about rough lots for sales, mixed for small diameters, center stones, old-mine diamonds, it’s diamond. However, the customers for these stones are not the same and the storytelling that accompanies them is different.

Having become an essential part of jewelry and watchmaking, the diamond has created its own industry around it.

Along with our panel, we will explore the organization and challenges raised by the demand for diamonds, which remain a unique material, even when they are presented in mixed form.

We will discuss storytelling around this material, how to adapt it and make it evolve?

With an axis, ask them to explain to us why, each has their own subject, they love this subject so much.


  • Boris Chauviré (Gemmologist, Researcher and Teacher in geology, mineralogy and gemmology)
  • Chloé Picard (Gemmologist)
  • Marie Chabrol (Gemmologist, Journalist)


  • Astrid Pothion (Gemmologist)
  • Dr. Michaël Mintrone (Head of Diamond Department, SSEF)
  • Raj Mehta (Director of Rosy Blue NV)